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John M.

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“This guy is a knowledgeable, professional and dedicated attorney. He has helped me successfully navigate one of the most challenging periods in my life and ultimately played a huge role in saving my life. He’s a real HUMAN and always treated me with respect, and compassion that can’t be bought. I have nothing but good things to say about him. He never made me feel judged even though I was living a ridiculous, wild, broken life when I first hired him, but he helped me to piece it back together.”

Kaysea L.

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“I would highly recommend Chris! He is very professional and well-spoken. He listened to my concerns, and explained in detail the way the court proceedings would be held, making me feel as much at ease as possible given the circumstances. His representation resolved my case successfully despite the odds.”

Ronale R.

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“Chris is an attorney of the highest quality. His professionalism and ability are both excellent. I would recommend him to anyone in need of representation.”

Daniel S.

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Rachel H.

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Charles M.

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Alex L.

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“Attorney Chris Beardslee has been the most thorough Attorney I have ever dealt with. He is very caring and patient as he knows that you as a client are already in distress. He went out of his way to contact me or answer any questions I had.”

Mercedes L.

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“Confidently can trust Chris to show you all the options available and have someone really willing to fight for you. Highly recommended.”

Robert W.

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Maikel R.

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Abigail M.

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“Excellent lawyer and very compassionate. He really cares about his clients.”

Audrey C.

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“Very compassionate lawyer! Would highly recommend.”

Amanda D.

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“If you want a good criminal attorney, he’s one of the best around and has helped me with everything. I would definitely use him again, very good trial attorney. Just a good person, and has become a friend.”

Mark B.

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“He was extremely helpful, understanding, I feel he did a good job in helping me with my case. I definitely recommend him to anybody who needs help.”

Shawn M.

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“He’s an excellent lawyer, cares a lot about his clients, charged a reasonable price.”

Madiha G.


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